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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  July 1, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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>> live and in hd, this is abc news "washington weekly," on your side. the long clean up all week long following a storm of the year. anticipating many of you watching while staying with friends and family because you are without power. >> this is amazing for many.
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on top of that, nightmare tomorrow morning. more. live with >> we drove around virginia, the district, maryland. we are here in rockville and branches and trees are still -- all over the place. this is a fairly major cut through, a sign of what might be awaiting you tomorrow on your commute if you have to drive. this is near montgomery county -- montgomery college. this is all over the place in this neighborhood. i want you to notice something. the lights are on at montgomery college. look in the distance. do you see those two headlights in the distance?
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beyond it, nothing but darkness. this neighborhood has been power ever since friday night. of thousands of customers are still in that same situation. i am told that tomorrow's commute is going to be a rough one. what could be awaiting you. in some cases, these are major blocked by trees. there were still trying to get of new hampshire avenue in the district. they're also having trouble on massachusetts in the district. same situation, where you have that circumstance for a tree is blocking the way. if you can avoid driving tomorrow, it is recommended. metro is the best way to go if to commute. >> we're going to continue our coverage with more on what so of you want to know about.
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efforts to restore power will than a week. spoke with pepco's president. where do things stand? >> we're down to about 310,000 customers. been making some progress. of those outages still in montgomery county. 55,000 out in the district of columbia. >> what is your projection of all the power will be restored? >> we will have the majority of service stored -- restored to 11:00 buy at friday, july 6. wonderingf people are
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why it is taking so long. were you guys surprised by the storm? >> it was not tracking to our service area. out of the midwest. 4.3 million customers have been of service from ohio, indiana, delaware, new jersey. was unusual, it hit pretty hard, and now we have experienced an extraordinary amount of damage. all lot of trees, and let a snapped -- a lot of trees, a lot snapped poles/ . these are the challenges that we face. the challenges our customers space. temperature has been high, 90, 100 degrees. that is why we are so committed. is why we are bringing from everywhere.
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the air resources coming in from oklahoma, florida, -- we have resources coming in from oklahoma, florida, as far as canada. >> there are people at home go again withe pepco. is by to take another week, at least. what you have to say the critics? this was a catastrophic event. it several utilities from the the mid-atlantic. there's nothing i can do about weather. we focus on restoration. we are working as hard as we can. our crews work 16-hour shifts, night, 24-7 until every customer is reserved. -- restored. we know it is an uncomfortable situation. we are faced with -- it is not
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even a hurricane. it really pounded us and many of the utilities. >> thank you. it appears we will get no relief from the heat. as for our immediate future, we take a first look. that aking a few storms in theg to pop up western parts of the region. looking at a severe thunderstorm watch. is concentrated across maryland, the panhandle of west virginia. take a look at the super doppler radar. storms are beginning to develop around frederick, hagerstown, points .oward the west are looking at storms just the south of view. there will stick around for couple of hours. will talk about the impact on immediate metro area and expect for the
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upcoming fourth of july display. >> stay with us for complete of the storm's aftermath. for anyone still without power, byon to phone and watched our life newscast. -- watch our live
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>> president obama will get on the bus for the next leg of his campaign. on a two-day road to pennsylvania and ohio. it will be his first -- the is working to focus on direct engagement with voters of high-priced fund- raisers. of vinceey has several week, including a fund- cheney inh dick miami. >> wednesday is the fourth of july. it will be a big day here in d.c., but what kind of expect around town? that is what we will find out tomorrow morning. the national park service will year's lineup of activities. it will finish up with the best fireworks show are around. informationrtant about your metro card.
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>> steve will be back with more on the heat and how much longer will be dealing with that. heard about the economic challenges facing europe, but how will their problems impact the needtments these countries make in their government technology infrastructure. the answers in this question revealed from a new the parliament institute. my company commissioned the study. cloud computing and the ability will consume a larger their it budget. tose countries would like
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>> if you are heading to work in morning, here is something to keep in mind. went up today.
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train riders can expect a 5% increase. fare cardsng paper pay $1 extra. bus riders will pay 10 cents more. we do have a couple of thunderstorms out to the west of us. maryland they are out and they could impact our immediate the metro area of the few hours. our high temperature today was degrees at reagan national .irport to temperature right now, at 89
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degrees. break a record today of 96. now they are at 79. children's hospital at 86 degrees. no rainfall to speak of. temperatures are slowly cooling. degrees inester, 88 frederick. the heat index makes it feel so more uncomfortable. downtown d.c. feels like mid- 90's. we need to get the power restored. hopefully, if you are watching on your iphone, it is going to improve. showers andd radar, beginning to develop across western maryland.
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they're starting to fizzle out just a bit. or watch has been -- moves towards the east. remains in effect until 2:00 in the morning. we will see the potential for a few severe thunderstorm warnings the south and west of the d.c. metro. washington, the garrett county, the panhandle of west virginia, immediate metro. super doppler radar picking up a of these storms. hagerstown, frederick, a few showers along the frederick montgomery county border. 68-75 degrees tonight. a partlyrees and sky tomorrow. fourth of july holiday weekend
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-- holiday on wednesday, we will chance for some thunderstorms. nightreworks on wednesday problem.t be a it looks like a lot of fun at this year. next, one major retailer the the hot seat.
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>> you may have plans to head up sale thisf july weekend. be a lot of them. >> those huge discounts might as big as they seem. seven is on your side with what he found. >> look around and you think on sale -- big time. but look closer. the price tag says $149.99. the regional price, just $89.99. these pillowcases are 60% off. >> at a higher regular price comes. -- comes out. stores in kohl's
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maryland and virginia. the regular price was raised. it used to be $65. while the receipt says you did you really? >> i think that is an untruth. counter, ourckout camera rolls. it is not 60% off. >> that is the current price. handsntually, the clerk out what there be on thisould pillowcases. despite the fact similar price of sales a been california, oregon, state, theton them in frequent.
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>> i should probably go look at stickers. >> if the item your -- you are had the price increase before went on sale, ask at the checkout counter. >> there you go. >> i had no idea. >> you have to keep that in mind. >> you have to keep that in mind. [ wife ] your dad's really giving him the business... the designated hitter's the best thing to happen to baseball! but it's not the same game! [ wife ] wow, he's really gonna get us a good deal. it's better! no it's not! thee pitcher comes up and he's out! [ dealer ] he can bunt! whatever. but we're good with 0% apr for 60 months? oh, yeah, totally. thank you so much. that must've been brutal.


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